• Curricular: General education in all the subjects is provided.
  • Co-curricular: Besides academic courses, for the all-round development of students, the School provides co-curricular activities like debates, dramatics, elocution, music, art/craft, socially useful and productive works, food craft, etc.
  • Moral Instruction: A course of Moral Instruction is given, for inculcation of sound moral values and character formation.
  • Physical Education: For physical education and fitness, regular training is provided through P.T. as a part of the curriculum.
  • Function and Programmes: Teachers' Day, Children's Day, Parent's Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Patron's Day, Christmas Day, Workers' Day, cultural and field activities, personality development are organized according to the spirit of the day and purpose of the function/programme.
  • Other Activities: Picnics and various projects are undertaken during the year. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions in and outside the School.